Welcome to Chillization

Digital Planning for a Better Living                 
Free your brain and enjoy the moment. 
Let the adventure begin. Plan and Chill.


Welcome to Chillization! I am Rachel and we are based in Canada. Nice to meet you.


We create functional digital products to enhance your planning and note-taking experience with different styles for you to express your creativity.

We have a great passion in content creations and we believe the true fun of art is that you can apply your creativity in multiple mediums to express yourself. 

Interestingly, there is a fun connection between creativity and digital planning. Your brain is constantly trying to help you solve problems on a regular basis. As humans, we have a lot of problems to solve everyday (Reply to emails, study, work, meetings, family, wellness, finance, meals......)  and that's why you are always trapped in your mind with a loop. However, the more time you spend on your mind, the less time you are actually doing something meaningful and living in the moment.

This is why the All In One Digital Planner and Digital Notebook are here to help you organize your mind and free your brain to enjoy the moment. When you plan out your problems and create a system to execute, you don't need to spend extra time to think about them anymore, your brain will be finally free to do something creative and meaningful.

The beauty of digital planning is that it allows you to plan your day more productively. You can easily add pictures, links and access to different sections of your life easily. You can add quick notes that randomly pop out in your head to the project section in your digital planner specifically. This will save your time later to revisit your mind for this amazing idea. Finding connections between things are the secret of creativity. With digital planning, it allows you quickly go through different notes, images and links to create different connections.

This is how digital planning save your brain's gigabyte and unlock your creativity. This is also the drive for us to create more helpful products along the way.

We hope you enjoy the digital planning and note-taking experience. 

Free your brain and enjoy the moment.              

Let the adventure begin!